We jog in running shoes. We wear the perfect sports bra for our workout. We rely on fitness food and nutritional supplements. But why don't we use cosmetics designed for sports? This question led us to an ambitious goal of developing high-quality sports cosmetics that live up to their promise and are manufactured with care. For women who are constantly on the move. For women like you – and us.


We want to give you permission to care about what you look like during your workout and be fully embodied any day. But it’s no secret that our skin needs to breathe and sweat during our work out, and it deserves to do so without irritations caused by skincare products. High-quality skincare especially designed for the active woman will bring these two needs into perfect balance.

To us, one thing was clear from the start: sports skincare means more than just makeup. Because active women have extra needs and deserve extra care.
Our cosmetics come from a holistic intention to blend beauty and care. We need both, and we are catering to them equally.

More than 70 women with all kinds of athletic backgrounds have helped us on the journey. By sharing their desires with us and bringing their experiences and needs straight into our product development they are the Pioneers of Physical Nation. Performance, texture, ingredients, scent, packaging, names, and logo - all aspects of our brand and our range of products have been developed in collaboration. From one nation to another.

Our mission: Sporty performance that delivers.

The performance of our products during a workout is crucial. So crucial we’ve made it the #1 goal. What does performance mean to us? That our skincare is unquestioningly reliable in extreme situations.

Just as important: Catering to the extra strain that comes with physical activity. Our ingredients have been carefully selected to support exactly that. They actively contribute to:

  • protecting the microbiome of your skin
  • reducing skin redness
  • deeply penetrating your skin with moisture
  • protecting from harsh environmental factors

We’re not just relying on science to help us, we’re also asking our Pioneers to put them to the endurance test. And once they’ve given us their full stamp of approval, we’ll go ahead with production. Not a second before that.


We like our products as we like our people – non-toxic. Our ingredients are selected with care and diligence, and we work solely with suppliers in Germany and Italy. Our products are meant to live up to their promise. For that reason, we only use ingredients proven to be both effective and present in sufficient amounts (efficacy level). Zero marketing BS - instead: real impact. That’s our commitment to quality. That’s what we are devoted to. Way beyond the home stretch.


Manufacturing high-quality products isn’t enough on its own - we’re also working with independent experts and labs, who are continuously and vigorously testing Physical Nation’s products as well as its ingredients and production.

Our devotion to high quality is real - as well as our stance when it comes to ethics. All of our products are vegan and cruelty free. Besides, all of our products are suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested. So you can play it safe.

For the planet. And for all of us.

Wherever possible, we make decisions honoring sustainability and think holistically, just like we do for our products. We’re not where we want to be yet when it comes to sustainability in our business. But we’re working hard every day to reach the ambitious goals we’ve set.

All of our Physical Nation products are “Made in Germany” and “Made in Italy”. That’s how we ensure that both high-quality needs are met and that supply chains are minimized in order to keep our carbon footprint low. Our shipping is CO₂ neutral and our packaging is made from recycled paper.

At the moment, it’s impossible to procure all of our product packaging from recycled plastic. While this is still the case, we are matching every sale with a donation to the social startup Plastic Bank. How it works: plastic is exchanged for money or social benefits. People in developing and emerging countries take trash from the ocean and its beaches to recycling centers, where it is recycled for further use. In return, they receive cash, food items, or vouchers that they can use for educational purposes. For every product we sell, we are sponsoring the removal of ten times the amount of plastic from the world's beaches.

We stand for Active Beauty - that means: reliable performance, safe ingredients, as sustainable as possible, developed by our pioneers. Welcome to Physical Nation.